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Visit our on-line store and see our complete line of EMF meters, detectors, Graham-Stetzer filters and other proven EMF protection solutions



Visit our on-line store and see our complete line of EMF meters, detectors, Graham-Stetzer filters and other proven EMF protection solutions



March, 2010: 

Popular Science: The Man who was Allergic to Radio waves


February, 2010:

Los Angeles Times: Victims of Electrosensitivity Syndrome say EMFs caused symptoms

January, 2010:

Prevention Magazine: 

Is Dirty Electricity making you Sick?


September, 2009:

New Research Links Increase in EMF Exposure to Huge Rise In Autism Cases


February, 2009: 

Medical Director of Leading Swiss Clinic: ‘Electromagnetic Load’ a Hidden Factor in Many Illnesses with 3 to 8% of population severely affected


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Ways to Avoid Excess Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields


12 Ways to Avoid Excess Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields 

1) Replace all the dimmer switches in your house with regular switches. Even when turned completely on full power a dimmer chops-off part of the electrical current, then it discards in the form of a strong electromagnetic field. Dimmer switches also create dirty electricity that can contaminate an entire home’s electrical wiring with dangerous high frequency energy.

2) Avoid installing low-voltage halogen, florescent tubes and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting (CLF). Virtually all create of these technologies create dirty electricity and at the same time throw a nasty electromagnetic field. 

3) When replacing your computer monitor or TV buy a new LCD they emit much less EM radiation.

4) Clean up the electrical power cords and transformers around your computer and desk and reroute them away from your feet and seating area, and never use a laptop PC on your lap. 

5) Install 3-wire with a ground on any metallic lamps to reduce the antenna effects created by metal lamps. 

6) Don't install a wireless network and check to see if you have a DECT cordless phone. Don't buy a DECT phone because they constantly transmit a strong RF signal, even when not in use just sitting in the cradle. If you have one, get rid of it, or unplug it at night. Buy a Electro smog detector at our online store to see if you have a DECT phone or wireless network near by.

7) Move baby cribs and beds a few feet away from walls containing electrical wires and don’t locate cribs or beds on walls opposite electronic equipment like computers, entertainment centre and clothes dryers and microwaves. Most walls do not block the magnetic field thrown by electronic devices.

8) Get rid of your microwave oven. If you must use a microwave stand at least five feet away from microwaves when in operation; better still leave the room, even a properly functioning microwave can throw a strong electromagnetic field. A leaky one is even more dangerous.

9) Avoid installing new “energy efficient” devices or appliances that have variable speed drives in them like some furnaces, fans, heaters, front loading washing machines, etc. They all chop the sine wave creating high frequencies dirty electricity on the building’s electrical wiring. Even your trusty treadmill can be a big polluter.

10) Limit the time you spend talking on a cordless phone and cell phone, and only let children under 14 use cell phones for short periods of time when absolutely necessary. 

11) The most important thing you can do is Install Graham/Stetzer filters in your home to reduce the harmful, high frequency radiation being emitted by your home’s electrical wiring. You can do this yourself or hire an expert.

12) If you or someone in your family is demonstrating symptoms of “Electrical Hypersensitivity, or feel sick when in your home, or other indoor location you may want to consider having a dirty electricity home inspection and consultation

By Kevin Byrne,, Phone 877 987-5185 and Dave Stetzer, Stetzer Electric


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